Get the facts about COVID.

Global News Radio is a collection of bad science and COVID conspiracy theories from rightwing partisan organizations. Sample clips of the misinformation are provided below.

Despite the name "Global News Radio" and "NewsTalk 770", none of the information aired is fact checked any point -- even if it qualifies as medical advice. The organization does not issue retractions, solicit feedback for corrections, or employ anyone that attempts to ensure correctness of information shared. "Global News Radio" is owned by an organization called "Corus Entertainment", and the radio shows are considered entirely entertainment. This presentation of complete fantasy that is labeled as "news" is a distortion of reality that is actively misinforming the public during a pandemic.

Below are some questions for Danielle Smith, Corus Entertainment and some examples of misinformation with episode clips hosted on YouTube.

Questions for Danielle Smith, Corus Entertainment, Alberta Enterprise Group and Postmedia

  1. You have endorsed the Seth Rich conspiracy theory multiple times on Newstalk 770. Do you still believe that Seth Rich leaked emails?
  2. You have endorsed the Vince Foster conspiracy theory on Newstalk 770 and emailed it to several listeners. Do you still believe in this and other Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories mentioned?
  3. You have endorsed use of ivermectin in conversations with Jason Kenney and Erin O'Toole on Newstalk 770. Dr Paul Marik, the key proponent of ivermectin, says masks "protect the wearer as well as the people in contact with that person" 9:30 and that hydroxychloroquine does not have a 'statistically significant' 26:00 benefit. This contradicts your refusal to wear a mask in supermarkets and your repeated endorsements of hydroxychloroquine based on the statements of Dr Zelenko. How is this inconsistency explained? How can you accept the statements of both doctors when they openly contradict each other?
  4. You have endorsed Swiss Policy Research (example) and Zero Hedge (example) which are both anonymously written blogs. How do you determine what sources are trustworthy? What effort has been made to verify information?
  5. You have compared potential vaccination requirements to the holocaust. Are you aware that many school districts already require vaccinations, and vaccinations are required to travel/migrate to several countries - including the United States? Is this status quo and the possibility of vaccinations during a pandemic comparable to Josef Mengele?
  6. You have shared a 'Stanford mask study' that was confirmed not be related to Stanford over a week before your post. What effort is made to ensure you do not post false news to social media?
  7. You discussed pandemic management with Lt Col David Redman, who said "you cannot stop a virus". How is that the government of Alberta recorded 0 flu cases for the 2020-2021 flu season? Was the virus stopped or do you believe the government is simply lying?
  8. You have had your career changes promoted this year by Newstalk 770 even after your alleged 'cancellation' by your employer for sharing bogus COVID stories. How does a persecuted person like yourself land a cushy position at a conservative thinktank, keep a column in the Calgary Herald and keep your previous employer cheering your career advancement?

Click here for an in-depth timeline of Danielle Smith's various lies, insults and threats.

Pants-on-fire lies and misrepresentations

  1. Host compares COVID to Hong Kong Flu of 1968, cites Republican blogger as source of medical information and suggests Woodstock was held during a pandemic (it was not) (Original source: Daniel Horowitz, a blogger for TheBlaze, a partisan media company owned by Glenn Beck. Horowitz has said on OAN that the testing data is suspect and that virus sourced in a different 'wave' from Mexico is different than COVID in Florida.)
  2. Host broadcasts John Carpay's take on mask use that misrepresents several studies and also misrepresents WHO guidance. (Original source: The Post Millennial, an organization known to publish false information.)
  3. Host broadcasts that masks cause a carbon dioxide issue and admits the source was being purposely manipulative in order to avoid a YouTube censor. (Original source: YouTube video of unknown origin)
  4. Host reads aloud an anti-mask screed written by a history major working for the Mises Institute (Chris Calton) who does not have any medical or scientific background but does have several videos promoting a libertarian or anarchist viewpoint that include the philosophy that "taxation is theft". (Original source: The Mises Institute, an organization that was founded and continues to exist on the idea that the CATO Institute is too progressive)
  5. Host rebroadcasts video removed by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and suggests that the organizations were hypocritical of their stated goals as they "deplatformed a black professional" - Stella Immanuel and Joseph Ladapo are black (Original source: Breitbart and other websites streamed the America's Frontline Doctors, a front group for the "Tea Party Patriots")
  6. Host reads aloud a document from 'Swiss Policy Research', promotes the website several times as a 'major international think tank', endorses 'prophylatic treatments' (in this case hydroxychloroquine), and says the completely anonymous post was 'put together by a doctor' (Original source: Swiss Policy Research, a conspiracy theory blog that is very likely to not even be Swiss.)

Lousy irresponsible reporting, cherrypicking, and uninformative sources

  1. Host insists mask do not work endorsing Sweden as a model, and despite feeling capable of commenting on all things related to the pandemic, does not dare to comment on Trump's relationship to Maxwell.
  2. Host cites Tom Jefferson report that suggested that the virus was dormant and omnipresent and then was triggered by environmental conditions. (Original Source: Tom Jefferson, a man that believes that the Spanish Flu appeared in Western Samoa as if by magic.)
  3. Host talks with Brian Lilley, a person with no medical expertise, and the two continue to mock and deride the approach of government and medical authorities.
  4. Host broadcasts a study from South Africa written by a group mostly consisting of "data scientists" and accountants that make completely unfounded claims about "years of life lost" that were also not subject to peer review. (Original Source: "PANDA", a group in South Africa created in May 2020)
  5. Host broadcasts a translated Medium post originally written by Beda M Stadler, a man claiming in the article that COVID would be gone by the summer - a claim the host neglects to mention. Host also claims to not be able to interview the original source, despite the doctor in fact being able to speak English. (Original Source: Die Weltwoche, a privately owned right-wing newspaper in Switzerland that is known for publishing bigoted things about the Irish and the Roma people.)
  6. Host interviews Dr Harvey Schipper and then proceeds to second guess all medical guidance post-interview
  7. Host says masks do not work citing Scott Jensen, a Minnesota politician under investigation by local medical boards. Callers then suggest PCR tests do not work, host does not correct them.

Cynicism, xenophobia, smears and petty countermessaging of public health guidance

  1. Host claims to trust provincial health authorities but says this trust is contingent on Hinshaw's advice not conflicting with the various unsourced information the host has already regularly aired
  2. Host suggests caller is being a reasonable skeptic of a flip-flopping government after they saying they will not wear a mask within a hospital.
  3. Host implies that COVID is currently sourced by people breaking quarantine rules, injecting xenophobia as a distraction from medical guidance. COVID is already community spread in Canada.
  4. Host says goverments cannot cure disease.
  5. Host tells caller asking incredulously about gloves to "not give the authoritarians any ideas", neglects to mention the importance of hand sanitizer.
  6. Host compares COVID to tuberculosis as if this was at all relevant from a public health perspective.
  7. Host claims an emotionless adherence to the facts, even though Corus Entertainment does not care to check said facts.
  8. Host suggests that Alberta is somehow more protected from coronavirus as local case numbers were low on the date of broadcast
  9. Host insists they will not wear a mask at the grocery store.
  10. Host invites caller to speculate about calls for masks somhow being driven by profiteers that have paid off the mayor of Calgary.

... And then there are the tweets...

In this tweet, CPC leadership candidate Derek Sloan is sharing John Carpay's debunked claims once more.

ZeroHedge is an anonymously written conspiracy theory blog that was suspended for a time by Twitter when they doxed a Chinese virologist and accused him of creating COVID-19.

This person is not a doctor. This person is a failed politician that collects a salary by reading unverified articles forwarded to her by an insular group of conspiracy theorists for two hours every weekday.

Canada deserves better.